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What is QikPod?

QikPod is a network of automated electronic parcel lockers. The ultimate in delivery convenience, QikPod parcel lockers eliminate missed deliveries, waiting for couriers and unnecessary calls from delivery boys. Couriers deliver into the lockers for you to collect a parcel at a time and place of your convenience.

QikPod is a startup based in Bangalore, founded by an experienced team and is backed by prominent investors.

How will QikPod smart lockers work?

How it Works

Step 1 – Shop Online:
Select QikPod locker delivery in e-commerce checkout OR register at

Step 2 – Delivery:
When courier person calls you to deliver parcel

  • Login to
  • Enter courier’s phone number
  • Choose locker location
  • Confirm & instruct courier to deliver to locker
  • Courier gets an sms with all details and will deliver to the locker

Step 3 – Receive OTP:
Pickup details & OTP to open locker SMS’ed securely only to you

Step 4 – Parcel Pickup:
Enter OTP & self-service parcel pickup at your convenience

When will QikPod lockers be available in my area?

We currently serve only certain areas in Bangalore. We are expanding at a rapid rate and should be in your area soon. If you would like to install a locker at your location, please write to us at

How safe are my parcels?

QikPod lockers are located indoors in covered spaces and generally in an area that is in the line-of-sight of a person at that location. The lockers are made of steel and built to keep your packages safe.

Where are the lockers located?

QikPod lockers are installed close to you in your neighbourhood or on the way to your office, market etc. Convenient locations allow you to collect while en-route to the rest of your day. Located at offices, tech parks, apartment complexes, metro stations, retail locations, all lockers are accessible at convenient times. Please view the locations page on


Will it take longer than usual to get my packages?

No, there is no difference in delivery timelines compared to collecting the parcel by hand. However once the parcel is delivered to the locker, customers will have the flexibility to collect the parcel at their convenience from the lockers.

Do I need to register online to collect my parcels from an QikPod locker?

You can register at to direct any of your parcels to the locker.

Our e-Commerce / logistics partners will offer the option to select a QikPod locker at their checkout page.

How long do I have to pick up my package?

Along with your notification to pickup your parcel, you will be given a time within which to pick it up. If you haven’t picked it up by then or cannot pick it up by then the parcel may be moved to the nearest QikPod outlet (from where you can collect) or returned back to the sender. Please check your QikPod Account for the latest status.

Will I receive a reminder to collect my parcel?

Once the parcel is delivered, you will immediately get a notification via SMS. You will also receive subsequent reminders.

How much does it cost to collect my parcels?

Currently, it is FREE to use QikPod lockers, but in the future for certain types of services and modes of delivery there may be charges.

While I switch to QikPod Instant Booking, what happens to my in-transit QikPod Express parcels?

We understand that some of our users might have shared QikPod Express address of Indira nagar, Bengaluru for some of their deliveries already. To accommodate that, we would continue to collect any in-transit parcels till 30th March, 2018 post which, QikPod may not be able to collect any deliveries. Please download QikPod android/web app to change your delivery address to a nearby preferred QikPod locker location at earliest.

Why is this better than having the package sent directly to me?

With QikPod, you don’t have to wait around at home for your parcels, miss another delivery again, or worry about annoying calls from couriers asking for directions or time to deliver. We’ll have the parcel waiting at your nearest QikPod so you can collect it on your way home.

Can someone collect a parcel on my behalf?

Yes. All you have to do is to forward your OTP to them. In this case you carry full responsibility for supplying the message details to a third party, who will collect the parcel in your name.

Can I collect my parcels if I do not have a smart phone?

Yes – you will get a SMS with the OTP to collect your parcel. You can enter the OTP at the locker and collect your parcel.

How do I pick up my parcel?

When your package is ready to be picked up you’ll receive an email/SMS from us with an OTP. Type in the OTP at the locker and the door containing your package will automatically open up. Collect your package and close the door. That’s it!

Does QikPod handle product returns? If so, how?

Since product returns involve inspections most of the time, it cannot be done through the QikPod locker system currently. We recommend that you contact the e-commerce company directly to process your returns.


Why do I have to provide my email and phone number while registering?

This is to provide you with registration confirmation as well as send you the OTP whenever you want a parcel delivered to a locker.

I have not received my OTP, what do I do?

If you have registered with your email address, please check your emails for the OTP. Otherwise, please login to your QikPod Account  to re-generate the OTP.

If you had seleced QikPod locker delivery at the e-Commerce checkout page – you can reach out to the e-Commerce vendor to re-generate the OTP.

My parcel has been sent back! What should I do?

Incase you are unable to collect the parcel before the expiration date, we will be moving the parcel to a secure location OR returning it to the logistics vendor. You will be notified about an alternate method to collect the parcel.

I am at the QikPod Locker but nothing is showing on the screen/screen is unresponsive to any key I press. What do I do?

Please reach out to QikPod Support by visiting (Support -> Contact). We will get back to you at the earliest to resolve the issue.

I closed the door without taking the parcel by mistake

Please reach out to QikPod Support by visiting (Support -> Contact). We will get back to you at the earliest to resolve the issue.

I have taken my parcel but the door is not shutting properly

Please ensure to pick up your parcel and report the incident to QikPod Support by visiting (Support -> Contact).

I have entered the code, but the locker door is not opening. What do I do?

Please reach out to QikPod Support by visiting (Support -> Contact). We will get back to you at the earliest to resolve the issue.

Locker Host

Will locker host locations be charged for the service?

No, there is no charge to host locations for the service.

Do host locations have to buy the locker?

No, the lockers are merely placed at the host locations but continue to be the property of QikPod.

Can people outside the host location use the locker?

That is at the discretion of the host location if they want foot traffic and people to visit their location

How will electricity consumption be handled?

The lockers are designed to consumer only a few units a month, which will be a minimal amount.

Terms & Conditions

What are QikPod's Terms & Conditions of service

QikPod’s Terms & Conditions Agreement can be found on As a user of QikPod service, you automatically agree in totality to all of the terms & conditions which may change at QikPod’s sole discretion. You are responsible for apprising yourself of the current terms & conditions by periodically visiting this page.

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